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This weather station is situated on the 'gable end' of the house set up on the 12th of June 2012.
It gives me an insight on what weather conditions are coming next.

Anyone can tell us all about the weather, just look out your window, go outside and there it is.. Sun, Rain, Wind, Frost, Snow, and everything else going on. But everybody's different in their views of the weather..if I go out with a t-shirt on you may think it's best to wear a jumper. With an accurate Weather Station if the temperature says 20 Centigrade ?that's what it is whether you think it's hot or cold.

Accurate weather information can be critical to farmers for their crops, nursery growers and groundsmen, anyone organising an event that will take place out in the open or just yourselves in the garden.
My Davis Vantage Vue wireless weather station now replaces a Fine Set WH1080, it takes the guess work out of determining forth coming weather.
The DVV measures and records all the weather parameters you could possibly want to know, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, air pressure, wind speed and direction.
All measurements are recorded and transmitted to the DVV Console from there it is then transferred to my PC via the 'Data Logger' to Cumulus MX Weather Software v3.0.0 build 3043.
The DVV is solar powered with battery backup and wireless between the weather station and the base unit which is ideal for my sitution.
With a range of uo to 300 metres in open field conditions the weather station can be placed almost anywhere in a typical garden.

That's my weather station as is.. work's well, no problems.

There are other weather stations, this one seems to be doing a splendid job.
So go and have a look at the weather for today.. click on 'Weather' on the side bar to the left.

Thank you for looking at this site, hope it will be of some use to you and drop back again soon.
Please note:
Do not base important decisions on these weather station readings or data.
They are given as a indication only.
Thank you

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